Burger King Egg Normous Burrito Price: Savvy Deals!

The Burger King Egg-Normous Burrito typically costs between $3.69 and $3.99. Prices may vary by location and with promotional deals.

Ready to kick-start your morning with an energy-packed breakfast? Burger King’s Egg-Normous Burrito wraps up a savory feast in a convenient handheld package. Satisfying your hunger is easy with this burrito, stuffed with fluffy eggs, hearty sausage, crispy bacon, melted cheese, hash browns, and a dash of spicy sauce.

It’s perfect for those busy mornings when you need a quick and filling meal on the go. Cost-effective and packed with flavor, this breakfast option won’t disappoint. Keep in mind that regional price differences and promotional offers might affect the cost at your local Burger King, so it’s always best to check the latest pricing online or at your nearby restaurant.

Burger King Egg Normous Burrito Price: Savvy Deals!

Bite Into The Egg Normous Burrito

The Egg Normous Burrito packs a delicious and filling breakfast into your morning routine. Burger King’s sizable creation features a warm flour tortilla filled with savory sausage, thick-cut bacon, fluffy eggs, melted cheese, and hash browns. It’s served with a side of spicy sauce to add an extra kick.

Customers relish the combination of classic breakfast elements with the convenience of a burrito. The taste and value go hand in hand, offering a budget-friendly price for a burrito that’s designed to satisfy even the biggest of appetites. Embrace the morning zest with every bite of this top-tier breakfast burrito.

Decoding The Price

The Burger King Egg Normous Burrito carries a variable price tag, hinging on several factors. For one, geographical location plays a role; prices may differ from state to state. Ingredients also dictate cost; egg prices fluctuate, influencing the final price. Restaurant promotions and limited-time offers can lower costs periodically.

Comparisons to competitors reveal interesting findings. The Egg Normous Burrito is often compared to McDonald’s breakfast options. Despite similar ingredients, prices vary. This is due to different sizes and promotions. Burger King may offer bundle deals, impacting the perceived value.

Finding The Best Deals

Snagging a discount on the Egg Normous Burrito at Burger King is easy! Enroll in their app-based rewards program to earn bites for bites. Use points to score that hearty wrap for less cash. Don’t miss out on exclusive app discounts for even juicier deals.

  • Scan for coupons: Keep eyes peeled in flyers and emails.
  • Join email lists: Get offers sent right to your inbox.
  • Social media sneak peeks: Follow for surprise promotions.

Remember, early birds snag the best deals. Deals might pop up during breakfast hours. Gather your coins, because a reduced-price Egg Normous Burrito awaits!

Burger King Egg Normous Burrito Price: Savvy Deals!

Nutritional Breakdown

The Burger King Egg Normous Burrito is not just tasty but has a specific nutritional profile.

With a notable caloric value, understanding its impact on health is crucial.

Component Content
Calories Approximately 900-950
Fat 48g
Carbohydrates 85g
Protein 33g
Sodium 2020mg

Eating this burrito takes up a big part of your daily calories.

Balance this meal with healthier food choices through the day.

Consumer Perception

The Burger King Egg Normous Burrito stirs mixed emotions among customers. On one hand, food lovers rave about its hearty ingredients and satisfying taste. Price reactions are mostly positive, highlighting the value for money. Online reviews often mention the tasty combination of eggs, sausage, and cheese.

The item has found its niche in the fast food breakfast market. The burrito’s launch saw significant buzz on social media, hinting at strong market acceptance. Repeat purchases suggest that the Egg Normous Burrito is becoming a morning staple for many.

Burger King Egg Normous Burrito Price: Savvy Deals!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Burger King Egg Normous Burrito Price

What Comes On An Egg Normous Burrito From Burger King?

The Burger King Egg-Normous Burrito includes scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, hash browns, and a creamy spicy sauce, all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

What’s In An Enormous Burrito?

An enormous burrito typically includes rice, beans, protein options like chicken or beef, cheese, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream, all wrapped in a large flour tortilla.

How Many Calories Are In A Burger King Egg Normous Burrito?

A Burger King Egg-Normous burrito contains approximately 930 calories.

What Does Bk Have For Breakfast?

Burger King offers a variety of breakfast options, including croissan’wiches, French toast sticks, and hash browns.


Wrapping up, the Burger King Egg-Normous Burrito combines a satisfying meal and affordability. Its price positions it well within the breakfast market, promising value to fast food lovers. As menus evolve, Burger King keeps pace, offering both taste and wallet-friendly options.

Be sure to give this hearty burrito a try for a flavorsome morning boost!


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