Chili’s Happy Hour Friday: Unbeatable Drink Deals!

Chili’s Happy Hour on Friday is a great way to enjoy drink specials and discounted appetizers at your local Chili’s restaurant. With a range of Tex-Mex and American cuisine, including favorites like fajitas and quesadillas, Chili’s is a popular spot for happy hour with friends or co-workers.

The time for the happy hour specials varies by location but typically runs from 3 PM to 6 PM. So, check your nearest Chili’s location for the exact happy hour times and enjoy its tasty food and drink specials.

Chili's Happy Hour Friday: Unbeatable Drink Deals!

What Is Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is a period of time when people gather together to enjoy discounted drinks and often complimentary appetizers at bars and restaurants. It is typically held in the late afternoon or early evening. Happy Hour is a great way to socialize with friends and co-workers, relax after a long day at work, and save money on drinks and food. Chili’s, a popular American restaurant chain, offers Happy Hour specials every day of the week.

They serve Tex-Mex cuisine, American food, shrimp tacos, quesadillas, fajitas and more. The Happy Hour menu includes discounted drinks, such as margaritas and beer, and appetizers like chips and salsa, boneless wings, and south-western eggrolls. Chili’s is a family restaurant and bar with locations across the United States, including Austin, Texas. Check online for Chili’s Happy Hour times and locations near you.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili’s Grill & Bar in Austin, Texas offers Happy Hour specials every Friday from 3-6 PM. Enjoy tantalizing drink specials and mouthwatering happy hour appetizers with friends or co-workers at this Tex-Mex influenced restaurant. Visit their website for more information on Chili’s Happy Hour menu and times.

Chili’s Grill & Bar is a popular Tex-Mex restaurant that offers happy hour deals every Friday. During happy hour, guests can enjoy tantalizing drink specials and mouthwatering appetizers at a reduced price. Chili’s serves American food, Tex-Mex cuisine, and dishes influenced by Mexican cuisine, such as shrimp tacos, quesadillas, and fajitas. Happy hour is a great opportunity to catch up with friends or co-workers while savoring the delicious offerings of Chili’s. To find a Chili’s location near you, check out their website or use Yelp. Don’t miss out on Chili’s happy hour Friday specials!

Chili’s Happy Hour: Drink And Food Specials

Enjoy delicious drink and food specials during Chili’s Happy Hour on Fridays. From 3-6 PM, tantalize your taste buds with mouthwatering appetizers and discounted drinks at your local Chili’s restaurant.

Unbeatable Drink Deals: Visit any Chili’s restaurant from 3-6 PM to enjoy the happy hour drink specials. You can get domestic beers, house wines and certain cocktails for just $3! Don’t miss out on this amazing offer, which is available on weekdays.
Mouthwatering Happy Hour Appetizers: In addition to drink specials, Chili’s also offers a variety of discounted appetizers during happy hour. From crispy onion rings to loaded nachos and signature wings, you can enjoy delicious snacks without breaking the bank. Make sure to try their famous Texas Cheese Fries and Southwestern Eggrolls that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Looking for a fun night out with friends or co-workers? Head to Chili’s on a Friday to experience their Happy Hour specials. Enjoy discounted drinks and mouthwatering appetizers from 3-6 PM on weekdays. This deal is too good to pass up, so make sure you grab your friends and head to your nearest Chili’s restaurant to take advantage of this unbeatable offer!

Chili’s Happy Hour Times And Locations

Looking for Chili’s Happy Hour times and locations for Friday? Enjoy amazing drink specials and mouth-watering appetizers with friends and co-workers at your local Chili’s restaurant from 3pm to 6pm. Check out Chili’s website for more information and exact locations.

Chili’s Happy Hour Times Chili’s Locations
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM Austin, Texas, USA
  Nearby locations available on

Chili’s Happy Hour happens between 3 PM to 6 PM on Fridays where you can spend quality time with friends and co-workers, enjoy mouth-watering appetizers and tantalizing drink specials at your nearest Chili’s restaurant locations. Chili’s serves American food with Tex-Mex cuisine influenced by Mexican cuisine such as fajitas, shrimp tacos, and quesadillas.

Happy Hour is a period when drinks like beer, wine, cocktails, and appetizers like wings, fries, and cheese sticks are served at a reduced price. You can find the nearest Chili’s restaurant location at the official Chili’s website.

Chili’s Happy Hour Friday Near Me

Are you looking for Chili’s happy hour on Fridays near you? Look no further! Chili’s Grill & Bar offers amazing drink specials and mouthwatering appetizers during their happy hour. The happy hour times may vary depending on the location, so make sure to check the Chili’s website or call your local restaurant for the exact hours. Chili’s serves American and Tex-Mex cuisine with dishes like fajitas, quesadillas, and shrimp tacos.

Their happy hour menu also includes delicious appetizers like the famous Boneless Wings and the classic Southwestern Eggrolls. Don’t forget to check out Chili’s happy hour menu with prices before heading out. Visit the Chili’s website or use Google to find the nearest Chili’s happy hour Friday location to you.

Chili's Happy Hour Friday: Unbeatable Drink Deals!

Chili’s Happy Hour Menu With Prices

Chili’s offers a Happy Hour menu on Fridays with great deals on appetizers and drinks. Some of their popular appetizers that are on the menu include chips and salsa, Texas cheese fries, and crispy chicken crispers. Prices for these Happy Hour items vary by location but are typically very affordable.

Chili’s Happy Hour Menu
Food Items Price
Half Order Texas Cheese Fries $4.00
Crispy Cheddar Bites $3.00
Boneless Buffalo Wings $5.00
Chipotle Chicken Flatbread $5.00
Classic Nachos (Half Order) $4.00
Drinks Price
Presidente Margaritas $5.00
House Beers $3.00
House Wine $4.50
Well Drinks $3.50

Chili’s Happy Hour Menu offers a variety of delicious food items and drinks at reasonable prices. For food items, Half Order Texas Cheese Fries, Crispy Cheddar Bites, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Chipotle Chicken Flatbread, and Classic Nachos are available.

Presidente Margaritas, House Beers, House Wine, and Well Drinks are some of the drinks that you can choose from. All of these are offered at prices ranging from $3.00 to $5.00. Whether you’re craving a snack or want to enjoy a refreshing drink, Chili’s Happy Hour is definitely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Chili’s Happy Hour Friday

What Appetizers Come With The 3 For Me?

The Chili’s 3 for Me happy hour includes a variety of appetizers, such as boneless wings, chips & salsa, crispy cheddar bites, and southwestern eggrolls.

What Is The Definition Of Happy Hour?

Happy hour is a period of time, usually in the early evening, during which bars and restaurants offer discounted drinks or complimentary hors d’oeuvres.

What Comes With The 2 For $25 At Chili’s Near Me?

At Chili’s, the 2 for $25 deal includes an appetizer to share and two full-sized entrees from a select menu. Exact menu options may vary by location.

What Does Chili’s Serve?

Chili’s serves American food, Tex-Mex cuisine, and Mexican-influenced dishes such as fajitas, quesadillas, and shrimp tacos. It also offers Happy Hour specials on drinks and appetizers.


Happy Hour at Chili’s on Fridays is the perfect way to unwind after the long work week. With tantalizing drink specials and mouthwatering appetizers, you and your friends or coworkers will have a great time. Whether you’re in the mood for American classics or dishes influenced by Mexican cuisine, Chili’s has it all.

Celebrate happy hour at your local Chili’s in Austin, Texas and make the most of your Friday evenings. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to relax, socialize, and enjoy great food and drinks.


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