Hardee’s Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024: Savvy Eats on a Budget

Hardee’s breakfast menu for 2024 features a range of options with prices starting from $2.99 for basic items. Premium meals can cost up to approximately $8.99, offering a variety of choices for every appetite.

As you gear up for the day, consider Hardee’s breakfast menu, a go-to for many seeking a quick, satisfying start to their morning routine. This popular fast-food chain is well-known for its diverse selection of breakfast offerings, which cater to a mix of tastes and dietary preferences.

From classic biscuits and gravy to hearty breakfast platters, the 2024 menu includes both traditional favorites and innovative new items, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The price points are set to accommodate budget-conscious diners without compromising on quality or flavor. With Hardee’s commitment to serving fresh, hot food in a fast and friendly environment, you can count on a dependable meal experience that sets a positive tone for your day.

Hardee’s Rise And Shine: A Breakfast Revelation

Hardee’s Rise and Shine: A breakfast delight with tasty options to start your day. The Signature Breakfast Items showcase their famous biscuits and loaded breakfast burritos. Classics like the Monster Biscuit and Sausage & Egg Biscuit remain fan favorites.

Exciting flavors await with the 2024 Menu additions. Try the Sweet & Savory Pancake Sandwich or the Lighter Start Oatmeal Bowl for a change of pace. Each item pairs well with Hardee’s signature coffee blends or a refreshing orange juice. The table below shows the latest options with prices.

Item Price
Monster Biscuit $3.99
Sausage & Egg Biscuit $2.99
Sweet & Savory Pancake Sandwich $4.29
Lighter Start Oatmeal Bowl $2.49
Hardee's Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024: Savvy Eats on a Budget

Start Your Day Without Breaking The Bank

Delicious and affordable, that’s what Hardee’s breakfast menu is all about. You can enjoy tasty morning treats without spending too much. A variety of combos await for less than $5. Each combo stacks up flavor and value, giving you more for less.

Egg and Cheese Biscuit, for instance, pairs perfectly with your choice of drink. Or, Sausage Biscuit offers a satisfying bite for a quick morning boost. With Hardee’s, you never miss out on a hearty start to the day. And with extras and specials, every meal feels like a steal.

Dive Into The Deluxe: Premium Breakfast Options

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu boasts a variety of premium breakfast options tailored for those who love a deluxe morning meal. Indulgent platters are replete with savory flavors, ensuring a satisfying start to the day. Entrees range from traditional favorites to innovative dishes that tantalize the taste buds.

For fitness enthusiasts, the menu offers high-protein choices. These options cater to a healthy lifestyle while delivering on taste. Enjoy egg-white omelets, lean turkey bacon, and more. The menu ensures that keeping fit doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor.

Hardee's Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024: Savvy Eats on a Budget

Bite-sized Delights: Sides And Snacks

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu brings joy with sweet treats. Enjoy delicious options. Savor fresh fruit for a health boost. Indulge without the guilt.

  • Cinnamon Rolls – Soft, warm, and sweet.
  • Hash Rounds – Golden and crispy.

Choose yogurt for a balanced start. It’s tasty and good for you. Your body will thank you. Grab a fruit cup. It is full of vitamins.

Item Price
Apple Turnover $1.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.89

Beverage Bliss: Completing The Morning Meal

Hardee’s breakfast menu for 2024 introduces an array of coffee creations and juice selections. Get ready to dive into a sea of beverages that perfectly pair with your morning meal. Their coffee options have everything from rich espressos to creamy lattes.

Each coffee is made to warm you up and give you energy for the whole day. Not a coffee fan? No problem! Hardee’s juice and smoothie lineup is here to tantalize your taste buds. Sip on freshly-squeezed orange juice or choose a flavor-packed smoothie for a fruity burst. These drinks are made with fresh ingredients, guaranteeing a delicious start to your day.

Feeding The Family On A Dime: Group Offers

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu for 2024 offers affordable group meals. Choose from Breakfast Bundles designed for large groups. Each bundle includes favorites like fluffy biscuits, savory sausage, and golden hash rounds. Sharing a meal saves money and satisfies everyone at the table.

Families love the variety and value found in these platters. Convenience is key during busy mornings. Grab a bundle to enjoy a delicious and hearty breakfast with loved ones.

Navigating Nutritional Info And Allergen Advice

Hardee’s cares for everyone’s health. Menu options meet various dietary needs. Gluten-free? Lactose intolerant? No problem! Their breakfast menu has you covered. For people with allergies, meal choices are clear and safe. Nutritional facts are always at hand. This helps you pick what’s best for you. Checking calorie counts and ingredient lists is simple.

Families can find something for each member. Children’s meals are just right for smaller appetites. Enjoy tasty and healthy breakfast options without worry. Always remember, eating right starts with the right information.

Savvy Savings: Loyalty Programs And App Deals

Regular diners at Hardee’s can save money by joining their loyalty program. Sign up on their website or in the app. Collect points with each purchase. Redeem points for free food items or discounts. Keep an eye on the app for exclusive deals. These app-only offers often slash prices on breakfast favorites. Some mornings may surprise you with a buy-one-get-one-free deal. A smart move for those who love starting the day with Hardee’s.

Thrifty Tips For Hardee’s Breakfast Aficionados

To enjoy Hardee’s breakfast without breaking the bank, savvy diners should know the best times for breakfast deals. Early mornings often come with special price offers, so aim to visit right when they open. Weekdays might also reveal unique discounts as opposed to the busy weekends.

Combining coupons with ongoing promotions maximizes savings. Regularly check Hardee’s website or local ads for current coupons. Subscribing to their newsletter can lead to exclusive deals and combo offers. Remember, using multiple coupons for a single order often isn’t allowed, so pick the most valuable one.

Hardee's Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024: Savvy Eats on a Budget

Frequently Asked Questions On Hardee’s Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

What Are Hardee’s New Breakfast Items In 2024?

Hardee’s constantly updates their menu with new items. In 2024, they’ve added unique breakfast options that cater to various tastes. These may include seasonal specials or updated versions of classic favorites. Check their latest menu online or visit a local Hardee’s for the most current selections.

How Much Does A Hardee’s Breakfast Platter Cost?

The price of a breakfast platter at Hardee’s may differ by location. However, in 2024, you can expect to pay around $5 to $8, depending on the components of the platter. Always confirm current prices at your nearest Hardee’s or on their official website.

Are There Any Hardee’s Breakfast Deals Or Coupons?

Yes, Hardee’s often offers breakfast deals and coupons. Customers can find them through the Hardee’s app, their email newsletter, or coupon websites. These deals might include discounted meals or buy-one-get-one-free offers.

Does Hardee’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

Traditionally, Hardee’s serves breakfast only during morning hours. However, hours can vary by location. Some outlets might extend their breakfast offerings or have limited options throughout the day. Check with your local Hardee’s for their specific breakfast hours.


Exploring Hardee’s Breakfast Menu for 2024 reveals affordability meets variety. This post provided up-to-date pricing, helping you plan your next meal with ease. Remember, a delicious, budget-friendly breakfast at Hardee’s is just an order away. Now, you’re set to kick-start your mornings with their tasty offerings!


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