Lunch Time at Red Lobster: Savory Seafood Splurge!

Lunchtime at Red Lobster typically starts at 11:00 AM. The restaurant offers an array of seafood dishes during this time.

Red Lobster, a renowned seafood restaurant chain, opens its doors for lunch guests every day at 11:00 AM. Known for a wide selection of ocean-inspired entrées, Red Lobster’s lunch menu features customer favorites like the classic Lobster Bisque and the signature Ultimate Feast.

Patrons can also indulge in various shrimp dishes, fresh salads, and tasty sandwiches, providing an option for every palate. With lunch specials and combinations, this dining spot caters to both seafood enthusiasts and those looking for a savory midday meal. The casual yet inviting atmosphere makes it an ideal location for both business lunches and family gatherings. Red Lobster ensures a delightful lunch experience with attentive service and consistent quality.

Setting The Table For A Midday Feast

Red Lobster invites you for a midday feast. The ambience at lunch offers a calm retreat. Guests enjoy the gentle hum of soft music. Tables are dressed in crisp, white linens. Each place setting showcases gleaming silverware and spotless glassware. The aroma of seafood drifts from the kitchen. It promises a delicious experience.

Staff skillfully prepare for the lunchtime crowd. Every detail matters in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Freshly baked Cheddar Bay Biscuits await on every table. The staff ensures a smooth experience for each guest. They promise warm smiles and attentive service. So, gather your friends or colleagues. Enjoy your lunch surrounded by the soothing seaside decor.

Lunch Time at Red Lobster: Savory Seafood Splurge!


Sailing Through The Menu

Embark on a culinary adventure at Red Lobster with a delectable selection of starters. These enticing appetizers set the stage for an unforgettable meal. Share the signature Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms brimming with fresh catch and savory cheese. Or, choose the crisp, golden calamari paired with a side of tangy marinara. Each starter is a gateway to the ocean’s bounty.

As your taste buds revel in the appetizers, anticipation for the main course builds. Succulent lobster, mouth-watering crab, and fresh fish are the stars here. Let the juicy Maritime Lobster Tail or the Classic Surf and Turf highlight your meal. Each main dish is crafted to perfection, promising a flavor-packed journey with every bite.

Signature Seafood Delights

Lunch time at Red Lobster brings a delightful array of signature seafood. Guests can dive into the legendary lobster dishes, savored for their rich flavors and fresh quality. Among the favorites, the Lobster Lover’s Dream stands out, featuring a succulent roasted rock lobster tail and sweet split lobster tail. Paired with Red Lobster’s signature butter sauce, it’s a taste of heaven.

Crab catches of the day offer fresh options, with the Crabfest Combo being an excellent choice. The plate includes a variety of crab delicacies. From the tender snow crab to the meaty Dungeness crab, there’s a taste to please every seafood lover’s palate. It’s a feast that invites guests to crack, dip, and enjoy every bite.

Lunch Time at Red Lobster: Savory Seafood Splurge!


Not Just For Pescatarians

Red Lobster isn’t just a haven for seafood lovers. It also caters to those preferring plant-based meals. Guests can enjoy a variety of vegetarian options that promise flavor and satisfaction.

  • Garden Salad – A fresh mix of greens and veggies, topped with choice of dressing.
  • Skewered Veggies – Grilled to perfection, these vegetables are a delicious and healthy choice.
  • Maritime Lobster Mash – Enjoy without bacon for a vegetarian twist on a classic side.

For diners not eating fish, Red Lobster includes meat-free dishes. The restaurant ensures that all customers find something to enjoy during lunch time.

Perfect Pairings

Enjoy a crisp Chardonnay with our fresh seafood. Traditional iced tea pairs well with any dish for a classic lunch choice. For a tropical twist, try our signature strawberry lemonade which dances on the palate. For beer lovers, a chilled lager complements the bold flavors of our grilled menu items.

Garlic-grilled asparagus adds a touch of elegance to your meal. Red Lobster’s rice pilaf is a flavorful choice that kids love. Or choose the sea-salted French fries for a tried-and-true lunch side that always satisfies.

Lunch Specials To Lure You In

Lunch time at Red Lobster promises delicious meals that won’t break the bank. Seasonal offers are always changing, bringing fresh flavors to the table. Guests can savor the taste of the sea with options like succulent Shrimp Tacos or the classic Lobster Roll.

Given the variety, deciding what to eat is both exciting and a bit challenging. For those who love variety, the Lunch Combos are a perfect choice. You can pair your favorite seafood with mouth-watering sides. Shall we see what’s on the menu today?

Lunch Combo Price
Shrimp and Wood-Grilled Chicken $12.99
Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms $8.99
Maple-Glazed Chicken $11.99
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo $13.99
Classic Caesar Salad $9.99

Meeting Dietary Needs

Red Lobster knows how important health is. They offer gluten-free options to enjoy. Guests with allergies can find special dishes too.

  • Fresh fish can be grilled with no gluten added.
  • Some sides, like veggies, are naturally free from gluten.
  • Staff can help identify allergy-friendly alternatives.

Nutrition and allergen menus are there. Just ask! They make dining out safe and fun. With choices for everyone, meal time is a breeze. Every guest leaves happy and healthy!

From Online Buzz To Real-world Experience

Red Lobster is a hot topic online. Dishes like the Ultimate Feast get big love from fans. Many people share photos and comments on social media. Their posts often tell us about the taste and quality of the food. Families enjoy the friendly service. They say it’s a great place to have a meal together.

With an interactive social media presence, Red Lobster chats with customers. They run fun polls and ask for feedback. These online talks help Red Lobster keep improving. So, checking out their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a smart move!

Red Lobster Rewards

Red Lobster Rewards enrich your dining experience with tempting perks. Sign up to unlock exclusive lunchtime deals. Members enjoy special pricing on classic dishes and new favorites. The Loyalty Program Perks also include birthday rewards. You’ll receive a treat to celebrate your special day! Additionally, points accrue with every purchase, leading to delectable freebies. Savor more and spend less with every bite!

Departing The Dock

The Red Lobster journey is not over after the meal. Take a piece of the experience home with you to relish the flavors later. Their signature seasonings and sauces, available for purchase, make it easy.

Never has saying goodbye been so sweet, or in this case, savory. Memories created around Red Lobster’s table lead to lasting family traditions. Don’t forget to grab a gift card for a friend to spread the joy of seafood.

Lunch Time at Red Lobster: Savory Seafood Splurge!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Lunch Time At Red Lobster

What’s On The Lunch Menu At Red Lobster?

Red Lobster’s lunch menu features a variety of seafood, including shrimp dishes, lobster, fish, and crab. You’ll find lighter options like salads and soups, alongside heartier fare like their famous seafood platters and sandwiches. Check their website for the latest menu.

Are There Any Red Lobster Lunch Specials?

Yes, Red Lobster often has lunch specials that can include discounts on favorite dishes or special combos at lower prices. These deals are available during lunch hours on weekdays, but for current offerings, it’s best to visit their official site or contact a local branch.

Does Red Lobster Offer A Lunchtime “endless Shrimp”?

The “Endless Shrimp” promotion at Red Lobster is typically an event of limited duration, not a standard lunch feature. When available, it allows unlimited shrimp in various preparations. Availability should be confirmed with the nearest Red Lobster.

Can I Get Red Lobster Lunch To Go?

Absolutely, Red Lobster provides takeout services. You can order off their lunch menu for pickup, and at some locations, delivery may be available through third-party services. For convenience, ordering online through their website or app is recommended.


Dining at Red Lobster for lunch is a treat worth savoring. With a variety of fresh seafood options, there’s a plate for every palate. Don’t overlook their daily specials for a delectable bargain. So gather friends or steal a midday moment alone—Red Lobster awaits to satisfy your seafood cravings.

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