Panera Bread Menu With Prices 2024: Affordable Feasts!

Panera Bread’s 2024 menu offers a variety of fresh, artisanal foods at competitive prices. The cost of items ranges from affordable pastries and sandwiches to more premium salads and soups.

As a popular eatery known for its commitment to wholesome, clean ingredients, Panera Bread has become a go-to choice for those seeking nutritious meals without the hassle of lengthy meal prep. With a menu that blends classic comfort with innovative flavors, it caters to a wide audience, ensuring there’s something to satisfy any craving.

Its transparent pricing makes it easy for customers to enjoy their favorites while staying budget-conscious. Whether you’re grabbing a quick breakfast on-the-go or sitting down for a cozy lunch, Panera Bread’s diverse menu and clear pricing make it a staple for casual dining in 2024.

Feasting At Panera Bread: A 2024 Price Guide

Panera Bread serves food that is both tasty and healthy. People love eating here. Their soups, sandwiches, and bakery items are famous. The prices are good for everyone. You get quality without spending too much. Many families and friends enjoy meals here.

Panera Bread Menu With Prices 2024: Affordable Feasts!

Fresh And Ready: Breads & Pastries

Step into Panera Bread for a taste of handcrafted goodness with our range of artisan bread selections. Lovers of classic flavors will adore the Sourdough and Whole Grain loaves. Those with a taste for something unique can’t go wrong with the Asiago Cheese or Cinnamon Raisin options.

Our sweet and savory pastries cater to every palate. Delight in the Chocolate Croissant or Cherry Danish for a hint of indulgence. For something with a savory twist, the Spinach & Artichoke Soufflé is a perfect pick. Find below the 2024 pricing to plan your next treat:

Pastry Item Price
Bear Claw $3.29
Pecan Braid $3.49
Cinnamon Roll $2.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.69

Healthy Choices: Salads And Soups

Panera Bread updates its menu with fresh and affordable salad choices for 2024.

Enjoy a variety of green goodness at reasonable prices.

  • Fuji Apple Chicken Salad – A sweet and savory mix priced just right.
  • Caesar Salad – Classic flavors meet budget-friendly options.
  • Greek Salad – A delicious blend for a light wallet touch.

Don’t miss the soup specials to keep you warm and your purse happy.

Soup Price
Broccoli Cheddar Soup $5.99
Turkey Chili $6.49
Ten Vegetable Soup $5.49

Hearty Sandwiches And Paninis

Panera Bread’s menu boasts a variety of classic sandwiches. Each sandwich offers unique flavors and quality ingredients. The cost varies depending on the selection but provides options for every budget. Customers can savor choices like the Turkey Breast Sandwich or the Mediterranean Veggie.

Shifting focus to grilled paninis, these are perfect for a warm and toasty meal. The pricing guide reflects the hearty fillings and fresh bread used. Paninis range in price, allowing for a tasty experience without breaking the bank.

Sandwich Price
Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt $8.99
Frontega Chicken $7.99
Bacon Turkey Bravo $8.49

Beverages And Coffee Bar

Panera Bread’s menu beams with choices for drink lovers. Their cold beverage selection offers something for everyone. Sip on an ice-cold lemonade or choose a fruit smoothie for a sweet treat. Fans of fizzy can enjoy a variety of sodas and sparkling waters. Tea drinkers might find their match with a refreshing iced tea.

Their hot drinks warm up any day. Start your morning with a steam cup of coffee. Choose from classic blends to seasonal flavors. Tea lovers can select from a soothing collection of teas. Need an extra boost? Opt for an espresso or a caffe latte.

For The Sweet Tooth: Desserts And Treats

Panera Bread’s menu in 2024 promises delightful treats for sweet cravings. Decadent desserts pair quality ingredients with affordable prices. Enjoy a variety of pastries and sweets without breaking the bank.

Bite-sized options offer a quick sweet fix. Think mini cookies, brownie bites, and frosted cupcakes. Perfect for those who want just a nibble or a small treat on the run. Each piece is priced just right, making them an ideal choice for snack lovers and dessert enthusiasts.

Kids’ Menu: Little Diners, Big Flavors

Panera Bread understands that parents value nutritious and tasty options for their kids. Their Kids’ Menu in 2024 offers a variety of choices tailored to suit little appetites without breaking the bank. Affordable meals come packed with wholesome ingredients, ensuring that children enjoy delicious flavors and essential nutrients.

Parents can choose from an array of options that include whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits. Each meal is sized perfectly for young ones and aligns with healthy eating guidelines. The menu has been carefully designed to provide a balanced diet, fostering a positive relationship with food from a young age.

Item Description Price
Grilled Cheese Classic comfort on whole grain bread $4.99
Turkey Sandwich Lean turkey breast on whole grain bread $4.99
PBJ Natural peanut butter and jelly $4.59
Mac & Cheese Creamy, cheese pasta favorite $5.29
Yogurt with Fruit Refreshing Greek yogurt and seasonal fruit $3.99

Nutritional Value Meets Monetary Value

Eating healthy should not break the bank. Panera Bread understands this balance. Their menu offers options that are friendly to both your diet and your wallet. For example, the Turkey Chili is not only hearty but also packed with protein, all at a reasonable price.

Parents seeking nutritious meals for kids can opt for the various soups and sandwiches. These dishes are lower in calories. They still provide the necessary nutrients for growing bodies. Prices are set with family budgets in mind. The Broccoli Cheddar Soup and Grilled Cheese are popular picks that won’t disappoint.

Item Price Calories
Turkey Chili $5.19 340
Broccoli Cheddar Soup $4.99 360
Grilled Cheese $4.59 440

Salads are another smart choice. The Greek Salad, for example, is a fusion of taste and wellness. It comes at a cost-efficient price point. Opt for seasonal fruits as a side for extra vitamins.

Seasonal Specials And Limited-time Offers

Panera Bread delights taste buds with Seasonal Specials sure to please. Their Limited-Time Offers spotlight the best of the season’s flavors. Guests can anticipate a rotation of exciting options. Each special reflects the freshness and uniqueness of the current season. Prices and items vary, but affordability meets quality. Look for Summer Berry Salads or Autumn Squash Soup during fall.

When holidays roll around, Panera dishes out Holiday Hits. Think Pumpkin Spice Bagels in autumn or Peppermint Mocha during winter. Special pricing makes these festive choices sweeter. Remember, these deals do not last long. Visit Panera Bread often to catch these special offers and savor each bite.

Panera Bread Menu With Prices 2024: Affordable Feasts!

Maximizing Your Panera Experience

Panera Bread offers tasty food at good prices. For smart savings, join their rewards program. Members enjoy special deals, like free treats. Don’t miss birthday rewards too.

Always check the Value Meals and Combos. These can fill you up for less money. Look for half-and-half options. You can mix a soup, with a sandwich or salad. This way, you get to try more flavors!

Combo Type Savings Tip
Pick Two Choose two favorites and save.
Family Feast Group meals at a lower cost per person.
Seasonal Specials Discounted items in season.
Panera Bread Menu With Prices 2024: Affordable Feasts!

Frequently Asked Questions On Panera Bread Menu With Prices 2024

Does Panera Bread Offer Vegan Options?

Yes, Panera Bread has various vegan options on their menu. These include several salads, soups, and breads. They also offer seasonal specials catering to vegan diets. Always check for specific vegan-friendly choices as menus can vary by location.

How Much Is Panera’s You Pick Two?

Panera’s “You Pick Two” combination typically ranges from $6. 99 to $10. 99. Prices can vary depending on the location and the specific items chosen. It allows customers to select two half-portions of sandwiches, salads, or soups.

What Are Panera Bread’s New Menu Items In 2024?

Panera Bread introduces new menu items yearly. For 2024, keep an eye on their official website or sign up for their mailing list to receive updates on the latest offerings, seasonal specialties, and any limited-time dishes.

Can I Customize Meals At Panera Bread?

Yes, Panera Bread allows meal customization. Customers can choose their preferred ingredients for salads, sandwiches, and modify their orders to fit dietary preferences or restrictions when ordering in-store or online.


In wrapping up, Panera Bread’s 2024 menu blends affordability with nutritious choices. Whether it’s a warm bowl of soup or a crisp salad, they cater to diverse tastes and budgets. Their commitment to quality and transparency in pricing remains evident.

Visit Panera for a fulfilling meal without breaking the bank. Explore and enjoy!


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