Ruth Chris Happy Hour Menu With Prices: Savor Affordably!

The Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour menu offers select appetizers, drinks, and entrees at discounted prices. Prices typically range from $9 to $20 during Happy Hour.

Indulge in a sublime dining experience without the hefty price tag during Ruth’s Chris Steak House’s Happy Hour. Renowned for its sizzling butter-topped steaks, this high-end chain provides patrons with an opportunity to enjoy luxurious fare at more approachable prices.

The Happy Hour menu showcases a tantalizing selection of appetizers, handcrafted cocktails, and mouth-watering dishes that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re winding down after work or seeking a sophisticated yet affordable outing, Ruth’s Chris ensures a memorable experience that marries culinary excellence with value. Remember, Happy Hour times and offerings may vary by location, so checking with the nearest restaurant for the most current deals is always a good strategy.

Savoring The Experience

Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour brings excitement to your day. Unique drinks and appetizers await. Prices are friendly, just like the atmosphere.

Treat yourself to exceptional flavors at a fraction of the cost. With selections that raise the bar, your taste buds will thank you.

Item Happy Hour Price
Classic Martini $9
Steak Sandwich $11
Spicy Lobster $9

Memories are made as friends gather and laughter fills the room. Isn’t it time you indulged in the joys of happy hour?

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Menu With Prices: Savor Affordably!

The Happy Hour Tradition

The Happy Hour tradition at Ruth’s Chris Steak House is steeped in history. Originating from a time-honored practice, it continues to evolve. This ritual caters to professionals who seek relaxation after work. It’s a period where guests enjoy exclusive discounts on both food and drinks.

Ruth’s Chris sets itself apart with its signature offerings. Attention to detail and quality ingredients are their cornerstone. Patrons can anticipate tantalizing appetizers and handcrafted cocktails at reduced prices. Key highlights include the savory steak sandwich and the spicy shrimp. These enticing selections allure a diverse crowd, eager for a gourmet experience without the steep price tag.

An Inside Look At The Menu

Ruth Chris sets the stage for a fabulous evening with its Happy Hour menu. Savor the taste of premium steaks paired with signature cocktails and select wines at attractive prices. The menu highlights include succulent seafood dishes, artisan flatbreads, and more. Your taste buds will dance with joy from the first bite.

Not to miss are the Sizzling Blue Crab Cakes, a crowd-favorite. These come with a zesty lemon butter that perfectly complements the crab. For wine lovers, the handpicked selection suits every palate. The bar caters to all with both classic cocktails and inventive new mixes. Guests rave about the unique twists on traditional drinks.

Prices are just as pleasing as the flavors. They provide a high-value experience without a heavy hit to your wallet. Ruth Chris ensures every guest finds something delightful in its Happy Hour specials.

The Price Factor

Finding high-quality food at a fair price is every diner’s dream. Ruth’s Chris offers exactly that with their Happy Hour specials. Guests can enjoy dishes like sizzling steak without burning a hole in their wallets. The Happy Hour menu features budget-friendly options for gourmet food lovers, providing them with irresistible deals.

Let’s dig into specifics. The Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour boasts some incredibly attractive prices. Spicy Lobster can tempt your taste buds without costing a fortune. On the other hand, classic cocktails and select wines are priced to please. These happy hour prices ensure guests get the full gourmet experience at a fraction of the cost.

Item Happy Hour Price
Seared Ahi-Tuna $9
Steak Sandwich $11
Spicy Lobster $9
Cocktails & Wines $7

Making The Most Of Your Visit

Timing is key for enjoying the Ruth Chris Happy Hour Menu. Check the hours online as they can differ by location. Aim for early arrival to grab the best seats and maximize your experience!

Pair your food with perfect drinks to enhance flavors. Try juicy steak sliders with a bold red wine. For seafood lovers, chilled shrimp and a tangy cocktail complement each other. Selecting the right drink special can turn a good meal into a great one!

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Menu With Prices: Savor Affordably!

Frequently Asked Questions For Ruth Chris Happy Hour Menu With Prices

What Is Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour?

Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour offers specially priced drinks and appetizers. It’s available on selected days and times, providing a cost-effective way to enjoy their upscale dining experience.

When Does Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Take Place?

Happy Hour times vary by location, but typically it’s early evening on weekdays. Check with your local Ruth’s Chris for exact times to enjoy discounted prices.

Are There Any Specialty Drinks During Happy Hour?

Yes, Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour often features unique cocktails, wines, and beers. The selection includes both classic favorites and new creations at reduced prices.

Can I Get Steak On The Happy Hour Menu?

The Happy Hour menu includes a variety of appetizers, sometimes featuring steak options such as steak sandwich or steak skewers. The offerings change, so check the current menu.


Diving into Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour offerings brings both flavor and value to your experience. The menu, packed with mouth-watering options and attractive prices, caters to diverse tastes. Remember these deals are time-sensitive, so plan accordingly. Cheers to enjoying upscale dining without breaking the bank!


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