Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Time: Unveil the Feast Hours!

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet is typically available from 6 AM to 11 AM. Please check with your local Shoney’s as times may vary by location.

Shoney’s is renowned for its hearty breakfast buffet, offering an array of options to start your day right. The buffet typically features traditional favorites such as bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, and a variety of fruits and pastries, catering to a wide range of taste preferences.

Guests appreciate the convenience and value of Shoney’s breakfast, making it a popular destination for families, travelers, and locals alike. It’s always best to call ahead or visit the Shoney’s website to confirm the buffet hours at your nearest restaurant, ensuring you don’t miss out on this beloved morning feast. With a focus on freshness and quality, Shoney’s invites diners to enjoy a satisfying breakfast experience that sets the tone for a productive day.

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet: A Morning Delight

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet greets the morning with a delectable spread. Guests love the variety of options available. Hot pancakes, eggs, and bacon are just some favorites. This buffet breakfast tradition has seen a significant rise in popularity. Families enjoy the chance to satisfy different tastes. Busy individuals appreciate a quick yet fulfilling meal. Shoney’s stands out for its quality ingredients and family-friendly atmosphere. Not just quantity, their focus is on offering a tasty experience. This ensures every visit is both memorable and delightful.

Early risers or those craving a hearty breakfast will find solace here. The buffet opens early in the morning and runs till midday. Each plate reflects the rich tradition of American breakfast. So next time your morning calls for a feast, remember Shoney’s. It’s where good mornings start with a satisfied stomach.

Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Time: Unveil the Feast Hours!

Feast Hours: When To Grab Your Plate

Shoney’s invites all early birds and breakfast lovers to a morning feast! The buffet tables come alive with hot, mouthwatering dishes Monday through Friday at 6 AM. Guests have until 9 AM to indulge in a spread that’s worth waking up early for. Your favorite breakfast foods await to kickstart the day!

The weekend brings a treat for those who cherish a little extra sleep. Saturday and Sunday, the buffet extends its warm welcome. With doors opening at 6 AM, there’s no rush. Take your time, the last plate is served at 11 AM. It’s the perfect time to gather friends and family for a leisurely meal.

The Buffet Spread: What’s On The Menu?

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet is a morning feast for all ages. The buffet table features hot favorites and classics, tempting everyone with their delicious aromas. Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and savory sausage links shine as the stars of the morning. Fluffy pancakes and waffles await your syrupy touch, alongside biscuits and steaming gravy.

For those who love a lighter breakfast, the healthy selections are plentiful. A variety of fresh fruits offer a sweet and juicy start to the day. Nutritious grains such as oatmeal and granola pair nicely with yogurt and honey. These options provide energy without feeling heavy.

Category Options
Hot Favorites Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Pancakes, Waffles, Biscuits, Gravy
Healthy Selections Fresh Fruits, Oatmeal, Granola, Yogurt, Honey
Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Time: Unveil the Feast Hours!

Pricing And Options: Plan Your Visit

Visiting Shoney’s for their breakfast buffet? Prices vary for adults and children. Adults usually pay more than kids. For exact rates, contact your local Shoney’s. They often offer special deals which can save you money.

Remember to look out for discount coupons! You could cut costs on your family breakfast. Holidays and weekends might have unique offers. Join the Shoney’s E-Club for extra savings.

Category Price
Adults Varies
Kids (age 4-10) Reduced Rate
Kids (under 4) Free

Beyond Breakfast: Shoney’s Full Dining Experience

Shoney’s isn’t just about breakfast; its buffet turns into a feast later on. The lunch and dinner buffets show off signature dishes sure to satisfy. Crispy fried chicken, juicy steaks, and fresh seafood make guests come back for more. Families love the variety and kid-friendly options. Each meal period offers unique flavors and hearty portions.

Meal Time Signature Dishes
Lunch Buffet Fried Chicken, Roast Beef
Dinner Buffet Steaks, Seafood Specials

Gather around for Shoney’s iconic buffet experience. Try the chef’s daily specials or stick to the timeless classics. Both lunch and dinner menus provide a range of options to please every palate.

Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Time: Unveil the Feast Hours!

Frequently Asked Questions On Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Time

What Time Does Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Start?

Shoney’s breakfast buffet typically starts at 6 AM. However, times may vary by location. It’s best to check with your local Shoney’s restaurant for the most accurate opening times.

How Long Is Breakfast Served At Shoney’s?

Breakfast at Shoney’s is generally served until 11 AM. After this time, the buffet switches over to lunch items. Some locations might offer extended breakfast hours, so calling ahead is wise.

Is Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Available Every Day?

Yes, Shoney’s breakfast buffet is available daily. Guests can enjoy a variety of breakfast items each morning of the week.

What Items Are Included In Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet?

Shoney’s breakfast buffet includes a variety of items such as eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and fruit. Selections can vary based on location and availability. Freshness and variety are prioritized.


Wrapping up, Shoney’s breakfast buffet is a morning feast not to be missed. Offering a wide variety of hot and cold dishes, there’s something for everyone. Set your alarm, invite your friends, and indulge in an experience that’ll start your day off right.

A visit to Shoney’s sets the tone for a day filled with satisfaction and fond memories. Make sure to check their latest timings and enjoy!


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