What Time Does Hardee’s Open Today?: Quick Breakfast Guide!

Hardee’s typically opens at 6:00 AM, but local variations may apply. Please check your local Hardee’s for exact opening hours.

Hardee’s is well-known for its delicious breakfast offerings and hearty burgers, attracting early risers and lunch enthusiasts alike. As an integral part of many communities, the restaurant chain strives to accommodate the routines of its customers, hence the early opening time.

While most locations adhere to the 6 AM standard, it’s recommended to verify with your nearest Hardee’s, as individual franchise hours may differ, especially on weekends or holidays. The convenient opening time allows Hardee’s to serve a wide array of breakfast items that have become favorites for many looking to start their day with a satisfying meal. So whether it’s for a freshly-made biscuit or a thickburger to kick off your morning, a quick check of the local hours can ensure you don’t miss out.

What Time Does Hardee's Open Today?: Quick Breakfast Guide!

Early Bird Special: Hardee’s Opening Hours

Hardee’s typically opens its doors early for breakfast lovers.

Most locations welcome customers starting at 6 AM daily. This consistency ensures that no matter where you are, you can enjoy Hardee’s breakfast menu without confusion or inconvenience.

Day Opening Time
Monday – Sunday 6:00 AM

Some franchises might adjust their opening times due to local events or demands. It is always best to confirm with your local Hardee’s for the most accurate opening hours. Rarely, mall locations or shops inside travel centers could follow a different schedule.

Start Your Day Right: Hardee’s Breakfast Menu

Hardee’s breakfast menu kicks off the morning with mouthwatering options. Thick burgers and loaded burritos stand out, teasing taste buds with hearty flavors. Guests enjoy a range of breakfast sandwiches on fresh biscuits or toasted bread.

Delectable hashed rounds provide a satisfying crunch with every bite. Fluffy pancakes offer a sweet balance, drizzled with golden syrup. Sizzling sausage and bacon strips evoke a classic breakfast feel.

For those mindful of calorie intake, low-carb options are available. Fruit and yogurt parfaits add a light, refreshing choice. Oatmeal, rich in fiber, becomes a go-to for a sustained energy boost. Enjoy all these choices and more, knowing Hardee’s caters to varied tastes and dietary needs.

Beyond Regular Hours: Hardee’s Breakfast Time Frame

Wondering what time Hardee’s starts serving breakfast? Fans of their morning menu are in luck, as Hardee’s often opens bright and early. The breakfast hours usually begin at 6 AM and can last until 10:30 AM. Most locations stick to these times, seven days a week.

Some may ask, “Can I get breakfast all day?” At most Hardee’s, lunch items replace breakfast after 10:30 AM. This means breakfast is not served all day. It’s wise to catch the morning specials before lunch options take over.

Day Opening Time Breakfast Ends
Monday – Sunday 6:00 AM 10:30 AM
What Time Does Hardee's Open Today?: Quick Breakfast Guide!

Finding Hardee’s Nearby: Locating Your Breakfast Destination

To find your nearest Hardee’s, an effective approach is utilizing their official Store Locator. Simply input your zip code or city, and it will display all nearby Hardee’s with their opening hours. A convenient alternative for those always on the move is using Hardee’s mobile apps. These apps not only assist in finding the closest Hardee’s but also provide real-time updates and additional information, such as specific menu options and more. This proves particularly useful for early risers eager to grab a quick breakfast.

Pro Tips For The Perfect Hardee’s Breakfast Experience

Arriving early at Hardee’s ensures a smoother experience. Aim for breakfast at or just after opening. Hardee’s starts serving breakfast at 6 AM on weekdays and 6:30 AM on weekends. Avoid peak hours, generally from 7 AM to 9 AM, when the rush is high.

Enjoying breakfast combos can save money and time. Don’t miss the current specials and meal deals. Check online or sign up for their emails for exclusive coupons. Breakfast combos combine your favorite items at a better price. A table with weekdays’ Hardee’s opening times and popular combinations may also guide you.

Day Opening Time Popular Combo
Monday – Friday 6:00 AM Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy
Saturday – Sunday 6:30 AM Loaded Omelet Biscuit
What Time Does Hardee's Open Today?: Quick Breakfast Guide!

Community Input: Customer Reviews On Hardee’s Breakfast

Hardee’s fans rave about their breakfast menu. Many say the biscuits are a must-have.

Others love the range and quality of breakfast sandwiches. The customer service experience enhances the meal.

Early risers appreciate that Hardee’s opens in time for breakfast.

Breakfast Item Customer Rating
Made From Scratch Biscuits 5/5
Loaded Omelet Biscuit 4.5/5
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit 4.5/5

Staff is praised for being friendly and efficient. Many customers become regulars.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Hardee’s Open Today

What Are Hardee’s Opening Hours Today?

Hardee’s typically opens at 6 AM, but this can vary by location. Check the Hardee’s locator on their website for specific opening hours of your local restaurant.

Can I Find Hardee’s Breakfast Hours Online?

Yes, Hardee’s breakfast hours are available online. Breakfast usually ends at 10:30 AM. Confirm on the Hardee’s website or call your local Hardee’s for exact times.

Does Hardee’s Operate 24/7?

Not all Hardee’s locations are open 24/7. Many close late at night and reopen early morning. For 24-hour service locations, refer to the Hardee’s store locator.

Are Hardee’s Holiday Hours Different?

Holiday hours at Hardee’s may vary. Some locations may close on major holidays. It’s best to check Hardee’s website or contact your nearest Hardee’s directly for holiday operations.


Navigating Hardee’s opening hours can be simple. Ensure your day starts deliciously by checking their local schedule, or visit their website for the most accurate information. Remember, times can vary by location, so a quick confirmation can lead you to your next satisfying meal at Hardee’s.


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