What Time Does Steak and Shake Serve Lunch?: Quick Guide

Steak ‘n Shake starts serving lunch at 10:30 AM every day. Most locations follow this schedule, offering their full lunch menu from late morning onwards.

Planning your midday meal can be a delightful endeavor, especially if you have a hankering for classic American eats like burgers and milkshakes. That’s where Steak ‘n Shake comes into play, boasting a reputation for serving up indulgent lunch options that cater to cravings for comfort food.

Their lunchtime offerings kick off at 10:30 AM, giving both early birds and late risers a chance to dig into their hearty selection of meals. With a seamless transition from breakfast to lunch, Steak ‘n Shake ensures that no appetite goes unsatisfied. The diner-style chain is renowned for its emphasis on quality, affordability, and friendly service, setting the stage for a satisfying meal whether you’re enjoying a leisurely lunch break or grabbing a quick bite on the go.

Steak And Shake: A Brief History

Steak and Shake began as a simple gas station in Normal, Illinois. Gus Belt, the founder, introduced a unique concept in 1934. He combined food with fuel services. Quickly, the brand grew as people loved the steaks, shakes, and quick service. The gas pumps soon vanished, making way for a focus on delicious, cooked-to-order meals.

With time, the menu at Steak and Shake saw new additions, transforming it into an icon of American dining. Customers could now enjoy a variety of burgers, fries, and hand-dipped milkshakes. Each menu evolution aimed at pleasing the palate while staying true to the original quality and flavor that made them a household name.

Lunch At Steak And Shake

Steak and Shake serves lunch daily. Their lunch hours usually start at 10:30 AM. The lunch menu features classic burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Customers love the Garlic Double Steakburger and Frisco Melt. Health-conscious guests can opt for the Grilled Chicken Salad. Kids also have tasty options like the Steakburger Minis.

Their seasonal offerings add an exciting twist to the lunch menu. These items are present for a limited time. Guests enjoy new flavors and unique combinations during these promotions. It is best to visit or check online for the latest specials. Grab a limited-time meal before it goes!

Understanding Lunch Service Timing

The lunch hours at Steak and Shake generally begin at 10:30 AM. This timing remains consistent across many locations. Guests can enjoy a variety of burgers, fries, and shakes during these hours.

Different locations might have unique schedules. Some may start serving lunch earlier or extend their lunchtime longer. Checking with your local Steak and Shake can confirm the exact lunch service timing.

What Time Does Steak and Shake Serve Lunch?: Quick Guide

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Early Birds And Late Risers

Steak and Shake serves lunch at any hour during their operation. Craving a burger for breakfast? No problem. The lunch menu is available right when the doors open. Their diverse menu caters to both early birds and late risers, ensuring you can enjoy your lunch favorites at your convenience.

Diners eager for morning meals won’t miss out. Breakfast doesn’t take a backseat, with options ready from the moment you walk in. Whether you rise at dawn or hit snooze, Steak and Shake’s all-day menu options unite breakfast lovers and lunch enthusiasts alike.

The 24/7 Approach

Steak and Shake knows hunger doesn’t have a clock. Day or night, they serve up tasty meals. The menu is available 24 hours a day, every day. No need to wait for lunchtime. Enjoy burgers, milkshakes, and more whenever you want. Their kitchen never closes, so your late-night cravings are covered.

Looking for a midnight snack? Their doors are open. Kids and adults alike can satisfy their hunger at any hour. Steak and Shake caters to those unexpected hunger pangs with round-the-clock service. Savory or sweet, your wish is their command. So remember, whatever time you’re hungry, Steak and Shake is ready.

What Time Does Steak and Shake Serve Lunch?: Quick Guide

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Weekend Lunch Hours

Steak and Shake fans, good news! Lunch is served all weekend long. No need to rush; you can enjoy those tasty burgers from 10:30 AM onwards. Curious about Saturday and Sunday? It’s the same great schedule.

Brunch isn’t separate; it’s all about lunch options. That means all your favorites are ready for you. Not just burgers, but salads and sandwiches too. The full lunch menu waits, making weekends deliciously easy.

Special Considerations

Steak and Shake lunch hours may change during holidays. Guests should check the updated schedule. On events like Christmas or Thanksgiving, the times can vary.

Stores might open late or close early. It is wise to call your local Steak and Shake for exact times. Special days could bring about unique hours of operation.

What Time Does Steak and Shake Serve Lunch?: Quick Guide

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Practical Tips For Diners

Knowing the best times to visit Steak and Shake can make your dining experience better. Lunch time starts at 10:30 AM and runs until late evening. The perfect time to grab lunch is before noon or after 2:00 PM.

During these hours, you can avoid the common lunch rush. The restaurant tends to get busy between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM. Planning your visit outside these peak times means less waiting and faster service.

Navigating Lunch At Steak And Shake

Navigating lunch at Steak and Shake can be slick and smooth. Lunch hours kick off at 10:30 AM and cruise until closing. To order quickly, eye the menu ahead of time. Consider the signature steakburgers and milkshakes; they’re crowd favorites. Don’t miss the limited-time offers often featured on the menu.

  • Join the eClub – snag exclusive deals and coupons.
  • Download the app – get rewarded for every nosh-up.
  • Check for Combo Meals to save some green.
  • ‘Happy Hour’ gets you half-price shakes and drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Time Does Steak And Shake Serve Lunch

When Does Steak And Shake Start Serving Lunch?

Steak and Shake begins serving their lunch menu at 10:30 AM every day. This time is consistent across most locations, but it’s wise to check with your local restaurant for any variations.

Can You Order Steak And Shake Lunch Items During Breakfast Hours?

No, lunch items at Steak and Shake are not typically available during breakfast hours. The lunch menu starts from 10:30 AM, following the end of breakfast service.

What Is The Latest Time To Get Lunch At Steak And Shake?

Lunch items at Steak and Shake are available all day after the lunchtime start at 10:30 AM. The restaurant transitions into serving their full menu, which includes lunch options throughout the day and night.

Does Steak And Shake Offer A Lunch Specials Menu?

Steak and Shake often offers special deals during lunch hours, but they may vary by location. It’s best to check with your local Steak and Shake for any current lunch specials.


Craving a savory Steak ‘n Shake lunch? You’re in luck! Their lunch menu kicks in from 10:30 AM daily. Whether it’s a midday burger or a seasoned fry fix, there’s no need to wait. Remember, with great hours and a mouth-watering selection, any time is the right time to satisfy those lunchtime desires at Steak ‘n Shake.

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