What Time is Bojangles Breakfast Over?: Morning Rush Tips

Bojangles’ breakfast hours typically end at 10:30 AM. Many Bojangles’ locations switch to their lunch menu shortly after.

Craving a delicious Southern-style breakfast? Fans of Bojangles’ famous biscuits and delectable breakfast offerings take note—your window for indulging in these morning treats has a set timeframe. With a variety of menu items, from savory sausage biscuits to mouth-watering egg and cheese biscuits, Bojangles’ ensures that the first meal of the day starts with a Southern twist.

Whether you’re an early bird or like to hit snooze, remember that breakfast at Bojangles’ doesn’t last all day. So, make sure you set your alarm to get your fix of those delightful, flaky biscuits before the morning rush wraps up.

Bojangles Breakfast Hours

Bojangles begins serving breakfast bright and early in the morning. Most locations open their doors at 5:30 AM. Guests can savor the Southern flavors as the day starts.

The last chance to grab breakfast is not fixed for all. Each Bojangles’ location might wrap up breakfast service at different times. Typically, 10:00 AM is the cut-off time. But some spots might extend it, especially on weekends. Check locally to be sure of your Bojangles’ schedule.

Why Bojangles Breakfast Ends

Bojangles’ breakfast hours reflect company policy and operational needs. Most restaurants stop serving breakfast at 10:30 AM. This timing allows for a smooth transition to the lunch menu. Kitchen staff can prep for lunch without a rush.

Kitchens need time to switch from breakfast to lunch. This ensures food quality remains high. Customers expect fresh and tasty meals throughout the day. Sticking to a schedule helps the team meet this goal.

Timing Your Breakfast Visit

Bojangles serves breakfast early in the morning. Many fans love their delicious breakfast menu. To enjoy it, know the times. During weekdays, breakfast often ends at 10:30 AM. On weekends, you may have until 11:00 AM. Remember, these times can change. Check your local Bojangles for exact times.

Peak hours are usually from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM. This is when most people want breakfast. To skip the rush, plan to arrive earlier. Around 7:00 AM is less busy. Another time to miss the crowd is just before breakfast ends.

Morning Menu Must-haves

Wake up to the savory taste of Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits. This classic staple is a must-have for an early morning feast. Pair crispy chicken with fluffy, buttery biscuits for a perfect match.

Don’t miss their seasonal offerings that bring a special twist to your breakfast. Enjoy limited-time specials that celebrate the flavors of the season.

Breakfast Alternatives At Bojangles

Missed the morning meal at Bojangles? No worries, delicious all-day items are here to save the day! Bo-Berry Biscuits, packed with sweet berries and drizzled with icing, remain a tempting choice. For a meatier fix, the Cajun Filet Biscuit satisfies cravings at any hour. Seeking something classic and hearty? Opt for the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit. Each choice promises a bite of breakfast bliss well into the day.

Patrons with a love for chicken can rejoice, as Bojangles’ famed chicken is a staple, always ready to be savored. Pair it with a fixin’ for a meal that feels complete. This ensures that even those rising late can enjoy a fulfilling breakfast experience anytime.

Planning Ahead For Bojangles

Bojangles’ breakfast hours can vary, but typically they end at 10:00 AM. To best plan your visit, make use of online tools and features within the Bojangles’ mobile app. With the app, you can check local restaurant times, view the breakfast menu, and even order ahead to reduce your wait time.

  • Find store-specific breakfast hours using the app’s built-in locator.
  • Get special offers exclusive to app users.
  • Use the ‘Favorite Orders’ feature to quickly reorder your most loved meals.

Bojangles Breakfast On The Go

Savoring Bojangles’ mouthwatering breakfast just got easier with our drive-thru. Efficiency is key for a quick and tasty start to your day. Simply pull up, order your favorite breakfast items, and you’re on your way. Remember that our breakfast menu is available until 10:30 AM every day, so plan accordingly!

  • Check the menu online before arriving for faster service.
  • Keep your order ready to save time at the drive-thru.
  • Use the Bojangles’ app for even faster ordering.

Enjoy delicious chicken biscuits or a cinnamon biscuit without leaving your car. Perfect for busy mornings or a leisurely breakfast treat. Don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day!

What Time is Bojangles Breakfast Over?: Morning Rush Tips

Beyond Breakfast: Bojangles’ Full Menu

The Bojangles’ breakfast menu ends sharply each morning. Fans of the southern-style fast food must arrive early. Lunch items start to replace breakfast offerings. This switch begins around 10:30 AM.

Bojangles’ prepares for the transition by introducing combo meals. These combos feature fried chicken, juicy burgers, and mouth-watering sandwiches. Patrons can pair these with flavorful sides. Sides such as fries, macaroni and cheese, or dirty rice are included.

The choice between breakfast and lunch gets tough. Both menus have tasty options. To enjoy breakfast favorites, plan to visit before the cutoff.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Is Bojangles Breakfast Over

Does Bojangles Serve Around All Day?

Yes, Bojangles serves its breakfast menu all day at participating locations. Availability of items may vary, so check your local restaurant.

Where Is Bojangles From?

Bojangles is a regional fast-food chain originating from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

When Does Bojangles Stop Serving Breakfast?

Bojangles typically ends its breakfast service at 10:30 AM. However, times can vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local restaurant for the most accurate information.

Can You Get Bojangles Breakfast All Day?

No, Bojangles breakfast is not served all day. The breakfast menu is available until 10:30 AM. After that time, the lunch menu takes over.


Wrapping up, the Bojangles breakfast hours offer a tempting reason to rise early. Remember, treats like the famous Bo-Berry Biscuits vanish after 10:30 AM. So, set your alarm, beat the rush, and savor Southern flavors that make mornings worthwhile. Don’t miss out – your taste buds will thank you!


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