Our mission is to establish an equitable and sustainable food system for the city of Oakland.


  • Every Oakland resident is within walking distance to healthy, affordable food.
  • Oakland residents from all communities are conscious of the impact of their food choices on their bodies, their families, their communities and the environment.
  • Oakland residents are active in food policy development and outcomes.
  • The Oakland food system is an engine for local economic development and involves local and regional agricultural communities.
  • Food, hunger, and food systems is a permanent part of the City of Oakland’s agenda.
  • OFPC is an advisor and contributor on national food policy.


  • We center racial equity in our radical approach to food justice. We recognize the intersecting struggles of marginalized communities and understand that addressing the lack of food access also means acknowledging the racial, social and economic inequities of low-income folks and communities of color across Oakland.
  • We are an advocate of the community. We listen and collaborate with those most impacted by food injustice, specifically Black and Brown communities, to ensure that their voices and concerns are driving the work.
  • We believe that policy affecting the people should be driven by the people.  We educate on the process of creating policy and welcome new voices to the table.
  • We believe that Oakland has the capacity to develop a food system that works for everyone.
  • We believe in leveraging a our community's collective power to further our agenda.  We foster a space for people across sectors to contribute to the fight for food justice.
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