Bj’s Monday Special: Savor Discounts & Delights!

BJ’s Monday special offers discounted pricing on select menu items to kickstart the week. Patrons can enjoy meal deals and savings unique to Mondays.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse is renowned for its enticing weekly specials, and Monday is no exception. With the start of a new week, customers flock to take advantage of the delicious deals on offer. Whether it’s a reduced price on pizza, a deal on appetizers, or a special on Pizookie desserts, BJ’s aims to make Mondays a lot more appetizing.

These specials are perfect not only for individuals looking for a savory meal to ward off the Monday blues but also for groups and families searching for an affordable dining experience. BJ’s commitment to quality and value echoes in their Monday specials, making it an anticipated start to the dining week for many.

Bj's Monday Special: Savor Discounts & Delights!

Bj’s Monday Special Unwrapped

BJ’s Monday Special unwraps a host of discounts to kick off your week. Savvy shoppers rejoice in lower prices on a range of items. Eating out or ordering in becomes more delightful with exclusive deals on meals and appetizers.

To make the most of these offers, membership plays a key role. Members should check emails and the website for special coupons. Social media platforms may also highlight unique bargains available only on Mondays. Keep an eye out for Happy Hour promotions, where you can enjoy discounted drinks and snacks at certain times.

Discount Type Details to Look For Member Exclusive
Meal Deals Combo offers, percentage off Yes
Appetizer Specials Reduced prices, buy one get one Yes
Happy Hour Timed discounts on drinks and snacks No
  • Join the BJ’s Rewards Program for even better savings.
  • Download the BJ’s app for easy deals access.
  • Always scan your receipt for surprise discounts next visit.

Satisfy Your Cravings, Save Your Wallet

BJ’s Monday Special is a real treat for food lovers. With exclusive deals on your favorite dishes, you save more than just a couple of bucks. The special menu features half-off pizzas and appetizing $5 appetizers that are too good to pass up.

Savor delicious meals without hurting your wallet. Guests can indulge in succulent entrées and mouthwatering desserts. The savings shine on Mondays, with prices significantly lower than the rest of the week.

Item Monday Price Regular Price
Deep Dish Pizza $11.50 $23.00
Loaded Burger $7.00 $14.00
Premium Appetizers $5.00 $10.00

These jaw-dropping discounts mean Monday nights are no longer just the start to the week. They’re a highlight for anyone looking to dine out on a budget.

Exclusive Deals For Bj’s Members

BJ’s Monday Specials shine a spotlight on membership perks. Being a member unlocks exclusive deals every Monday, providing added value to the weekly shopping experience. Savings are custom-tailored for members, ensuring your Mondays are a bit more exciting.

Embarking on the membership journey is simple and rewarding. Interested shoppers can sign up online or at any BJ’s Club location. A small annual fee opens the door to discounts, special offers, and an array of member-only benefits that span beyond the Monday specials.

Membership Type Annual Fee Benefits
Personal $55 Access to all clubs, exclusive coupons
Business $110 Add-on members, reselling privileges

Plan Your Monday Visit

Planning your visit to BJ’s on a Monday could mean big savings. Guests often find that early afternoons are ideal for discounted dining. It’s typically less crowded, and you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dinner hours may get busy, but arriving before the peak times, around 4 PM to 6 PM, could also secure some great deals. Stay informed about limited-time offers by checking BJ’s website or subscribing to their newsletter. Remember, deals might vary by location, so it’s smart to confirm with your local restaurant.

Time Slot Discount Level Note
Early Afternoon High Less crowded, relaxed dining
4 PM – 6 PM Medium Beat the dinner rush

Aiming for these optimal times could enhance your dining experience. Always check the most current promotions directly from BJ’s sources to plan the best Monday visit.

Bj's Monday Special: Savor Discounts & Delights!

Beyond The Discounts: Enhancing The Dining Experience

Diners at BJ’s relish the Monday specials that elevate the dining experience. Enjoy a twist on your favorites with seasonal specials and limited edition menus. These dishes showcase fresh, seasonal ingredients, ensuring a unique meal every visit.

BJ’s craft beers pair perfectly with these specials. Delight in an expertly matched beer pairing deal to complement your meal. The complexity of flavors in both the food and beer creates a memorable dining adventure.

Bj's Monday Special: Savor Discounts & Delights!

Frequently Asked Questions On Bj’s Monday Special

What Is Bj’s Monday Special?

BJ’s Monday Special refers to exclusive deals or discounts offered by BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. Each Monday, BJ’s may provide special pricing on certain menu items, beverages, or appetizers.

Are Reservations Needed For Bj’s Monday Special?

Reservations are not typically required for BJ’s Monday Special. However, it’s advisable to book ahead as these specials might attract more customers, potentially leading to longer wait times.

Does Bj’s Offer To-go Orders For Monday Specials?

Yes, BJ’s often includes to-go orders in their Monday Specials. Customers can enjoy the discounted offers by ordering online or over the phone and picking up their meals.

Can You Combine Coupons With Bj’s Monday Special?

Coupon policies vary, but generally, BJ’s does not allow combining their Monday Specials with other coupons or discounts. It’s best to check with the restaurant directly.


Wrapping up, BJ’s Monday Special remains a hit for savvy diners. Each visit brings savings and a chance to indulge in quality cuisine. Embrace the start of your week with these unbeatable deals. Don’t miss out—make BJ’s your Monday ritual for a delightful dining experience and great value.


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