Edgefield Happy Hour Secrets: Unwind & Save!

Edgefield Happy Hour offers special discounts on drinks and appetizers daily. The festive atmosphere makes it a go-to for locals and visitors alike.

Edgefield, a lively and historic spot, invites patrons to unwind during their Happy Hour. With a variety of handcrafted drinks and tantalizing appetizers at reduced prices, it’s the perfect setting to relax after a long day. The Happy Hour buzz isn’t just about the savings; it’s a sensory experience combining the charm of the venue with the joy of good company.

Engaging bartenders serve up signature cocktails, while the kitchen dishes out favorites that keep guests coming back for more. Embracing the spirit of the community, Edgefield’s Happy Hour embodies the essence of casual gathering and creates moments worth savoring. Whether you’re ending your workday or beginning your night out, this hotspot adds a touch of delight to any evening.

Edgefield’s Happy Hour Appeal

The Edgefield Happy Hour shines with a unique atmosphere and vibe. Within its walls, laughter and chatter create a warm welcome. The outdoor seating calls for sunsets and sips, perfect as the day winds down.

Guests rave about Edgefield’s deals. Savoring local brews and house wines at reduced prices is a treat. Not to forget, the tasty appetizers are crowd-pleasers. These nibbles pair well with any drink choice. The table below lists what patrons love most:

Drink Appetizer
Brewer’s Ale Loaded Nachos
House Red Wine Garlic Parmesan Wings
Seasonal Cocktails Mini Sliders
Edgefield Happy Hour Secrets: Unwind & Save!

Timing Is Everything

Edgefield Happy Hour welcomes guests keen on savoring delightful evenings. The place buzzes with energy and offers unbeatable deals. Interested in the best days to visit? Aim for midweek days like Wednesday or Thursday. These days strike the perfect balance between lively and cozy.

For the most enjoyable experience, consider the happy hour time slots. Guests typically enjoy promotions from 3 PM to 6 PM. This is prime time for an array of discounted beverages and snacks. Remember, these times can change, so checking with Edgefield before planning is wise.

Monday – Friday 3 PM – 6 PM
Saturday Specials Vary
Sunday Brunch Specials

Eats And Drinks On A Budget

Edgefield Happy Hour means tasty eats and drinks without spending a lot. Guests can enjoy a variety of signature cocktails at reduced prices. Delight in mouth-watering appetizers that won’t break the bank.

Cocktail Discount Appetizer Price
Mint Julep 20% Off Fried Pickles $5
Whiskey Sour 25% Off Deviled Eggs $4
Mojito 30% Off Cheese Fries $6

Secret Tips From The Locals

To enjoy Edgefield Happy Hour without the large crowds, locals suggest arriving early. Right when happy hour starts is the best time. This way, you can find the best spots to sit and relax. Keep an eye on the daily specials board, often full of surprise deals that are not advertised elsewhere. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!

Day Specials Start Time
Monday Half-price appetizers 3 PM
Tuesday $2 off draft beers 3 PM
Wednesday Discounted wine bottles 3 PM

For under-the-radar specials, chat with the bartenders. They sometimes share exclusive discounts with friendly customers. Keep your visits varied; different days bring unique offers worth exploring. Unlocking these deals requires a friendly smile and sometimes, a good tip!

Planning The Perfect Happy Hour Outing

Edgefield Happy Hour offers group reservations for everyone. Easy to plan for big gatherings and special events. Our venue ensures a fun time with friends or colleagues.

Pairing the right food with drinks is key. We suggest classic wine with cheese or craft beer with sliders. Delight in our curated pairings for an unforgettable experience.

Our menu includes options like:

  • Local wines and artisanal cheeses
  • Handcrafted cocktails with gourmet bites
  • Ale-infused brats complement crisp lagers
Drink Food Pairing
Red Wine Cheese Platter
IPA Spicy Wings
Mojito Seafood Tacos
Edgefield Happy Hour Secrets: Unwind & Save!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Edgefield Happy Hour

What Did Edgefield Mcmenamins Used To Be?

Edgefield McMenamins in Troutdale, Oregon, was originally the county poor farm before it became a popular hotel and entertainment venue.

Does Mcmenamins Take Restaurant Reservations?

McMenamins accepts reservations at select locations. It’s best to call the specific McMenamins restaurant directly to reserve a table.

Does Mcmenamins Have A Pool Table?

Yes, several McMenamins locations feature pool tables for guests to enjoy. It’s best to check with the specific location for availability.

What Are Edgefield Happy Hour Timings?

Edgefield Happy Hour offers great deals from 3 PM to 6 PM daily. Patrons can enjoy discounts during these hours. It’s the perfect time to unwind with friends.


Wrapping up our dive into Edgefield’s happy hour, it’s clear that flavor, value, and atmosphere are in full swing. Unwind after work or kick-start your weekend; this local gem caters to all. Don’t miss out on an experience that promises to both delight your palate and ease your wallet.

Cheers to good times at Edgefield!


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