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Frisch’s hours vary by location, so it’s best to search for specific hours on their website or call your local Frisch’s. Frisch’s is a restaurant chain that specializes in burgers and breakfast food, with locations primarily in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Frisch’s also offers breakfast bars on weekdays, where customers can enjoy a variety of breakfast foods at a set price. In addition to burgers and breakfast dishes, Frisch’s serves salads, sandwiches, and desserts like milkshakes and pies. Frisch’s is known for its Big Boy character, who is featured prominently in their branding.

Overview Of Frisch’s

Frisch’s, a popular restaurant chain, offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with various menu options. Its opening hours vary based on location, with some locations serving breakfast all day long and others only during certain hours. If you’re in the mood for a tasty meal, check out Frisch’s for its hours and menu options.

Frisch’s is a restaurant chain with multiple locations in the United States, including Austin, Texas. Frisch’s is no longer a franchisee, but Big Boy Restaurant Group and Frisch’s are now independent co-registrants of the Big Boy name and trademark. The Frisch’s Big Boy burger is slightly different from those served at other Big Boy restaurants.

Frisch’s head baker Bruce Woods is passionate about pumpkin pie, and the restaurant also offers breakfast bars as one of its specialty items. Frisch’s values fresh ingredients and scratch-made bread and pies, and the company operates its own beef production, soups, dressings, produce, bakery, and distribution facilities.

Frisch’s Gift Cards are available, and the company has various job openings for interested individuals. Overall, Frisch’s specializes in burgers, breakfast, and freshly-made baked goods.

Frisch’s Menu

Find out the Frisch’s hours and enjoy their delicious menu items at various locations in Austin, Texas. Frisch’s Big Boy is a popular restaurant chain known for its signature burgers, breakfast dishes, and pies made with fresh ingredients and custom-crafted spice blends.

Check out their website for more information about Frisch’s Gift Cards, Careers, Locations, and Breakfast Bars.

Frisch’s Big Boy

Have you ever wondered what happened to Frisch’s Big Boy franchise? Well, the Big Boy trademarks in Kentucky, Indiana, and most of Ohio and Tennessee transferred to Frisch’s ownership, and Frisch’s is no longer a franchisee. However, Big Boy Restaurant Group and Frisch’s are now independent co-registrants of the Big Boy name and trademark.

If you want to taste Frisch’s breakfast, then check out their breakfast bar menu, which is back on weekdays. They offer a range of breakfast items like scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. You can also check out their weekly specials that change every week, offering you something new.

If you are interested in Frisch’s menu prices, then you can find a complete breakfast menu with prices on their website. Don’t forget to try their famous pies, made with love by Frisch’s head baker, Bruce Woods.

Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Menu
Menu Items Price
Scrambled Eggs $4.99
Bacon $2.99
Sausage $3.99
Toast $1.99

Frisch’s Big Boy is a must-try item on their menu. You should know that the Big Boy served at Frisch’s is slightly different than those at other Big Boy restaurants. While Bob Wian dressed Big Boy hamburgers with mayonnaise and red relish, Frisch later replaced these with tartar sauce and added dill pickles in his version and applied these in a different order. If you want to try more of their menu specials today, then visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

Frisch’s Locations

Frisch’s locations offer breakfast and lunch options, with varying hours depending on the restaurant’s specific location. Frisch’s is no longer a franchise, but it still proudly serves the classic Big Boy sandwich with its unique tartar sauce and dill pickles.

Frisch’s Locations
Find Your Nearest Location Now
Locations in Austin, Texas
Locations in Kentucky
Locations in Indiana
Locations in Ohio
Locations in Tennessee

Frisch’s is a chain of restaurants that has locations in several states across the United States. If you are looking for the nearest location of Frisch’s, you can easily find it by visiting their official website. Frisch’s has locations in Austin, Texas, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. The Big Boy trademarks in Kentucky, Indiana, and most of Ohio and Tennessee transferred to Frisch’s ownership.

Thus, Frisch’s is no longer a franchisee, but a co-registrant of the Big Boy name and trademark. If you want to enjoy their breakfast bars, Frisch’s brings back weekday breakfast bars at select locations. Visit their website to know more about their locations and services they offer.

Frisch’s Hours

Frisch’s, famous for its burgers and breakfast, is a restaurant chain primarily located in Ohio and Kentucky. It offers weekday breakfast bars at participating locations.

Frisch’s is a popular fast-food chain in the United States known for its delicious burgers, pies, and breakfast bars. Frisch’s Hours vary by day and location, but are typically open every day of the week. On Sundays, Frisch’s is generally open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Hours are available on the website, varies by location, and are typically open from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. on weekdays and until noon on weekends.

With over 30 Frisch’s locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, customers can easily find a nearby restaurant to enjoy their favorite food. Frisch’s Kitchen takes extra efforts to ensure fresh ingredients, custom-crafted spice blends, scratch-made bread and pies, and daily sliced onions for their onion rings. Frisch’s Gift Cards are also available for purchase on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions On Frisch’s Hours

What Happened To Frisch’s Big Boy?

Frisch’s is no longer a franchisee of Big Boy. The Big Boy trademarks in certain states are now under Frisch’s ownership, while others are under Liggett. Frisch’s version of the Big Boy burger differs slightly from other Big Boy restaurants, with tartar sauce and dill pickles replacing mayonnaise and red relish.

Frisch’s Kitchen in Cincinnati provides food production services.

What’s The Difference Between Bob’s Big Boy And Frisch’s Big Boy?

Bob’s Big Boy and Frisch’s Big Boy differ in the way they prepare the famous burger. While Bob’s uses mayonnaise and red relish, Frisch’s opts for tartar sauce and dill pickles, and applies them in a different order. The two chains also have separate ownership of the Big Boy name and trademark.

Who Makes Frisch’s Pies?

Frisch’s pies are made by the head baker, Bruce Woods, who is passionate about pumpkin pie.

What Are The Values Of Frisch?

The values of Frisch are centered on family, tradition, community, and quality. Frisch’s aims to create a welcoming atmosphere for families, preserve tradition while embracing innovation, and provide high-quality food to the community.


To conclude, Frisch’s has been a beloved restaurant chain for decades, known for its delicious Big Boy burgers and breakfast bars. Though it is no longer a franchisee, it continues to offer fresh, quality ingredients in its made-from-scratch bread and famous pies.

With locations throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, it remains a staple of the Midwest dining scene. If you’re craving a classic burger or a hearty breakfast, head to Frisch’s and enjoy a taste of American nostalgia.


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