Hardees Sunday Hours: Savor Your Lazy Sunday Feast!

Hardee’s typically opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM on Sundays. Confirm with your local Hardee’s as hours may vary.

Hardee’s, known for its savory burgers and breakfast platters, operates with customer convenience in mind, including on Sundays. For those craving a mouthwatering Thickburger or a hearty breakfast sandwich, knowing the operating hours can make all the difference in planning your day.

Despite the general hours, it’s always prudent to check with the specific Hardee’s location you plan to visit as there can be variations based on region, special events, or holidays. Dine-in, drive-through, or plan your Sunday meal pickups with ease by being informed about Hardee’s Sunday operating schedule. Their commitment to satisfying hunger means that even on a leisurely Sunday, you can rely on Hardee’s for comfort food to cap off your weekend.

Hardee’s Sunday Indulgence

Hardee’s Sunday Indulgence welcomes guests a bit later. Relaxed Sunday vibes mean late morning starts. Doors open at 10 a.m., perfect for after-church brunch or a sleep-in treat. Extended evening service lets you enjoy juicy burgers and crispy fries. Savor the flavors until 10 p.m., closing time for those Sunday cravings.

Before You Go

Before heading out to your local Hardee’s on Sunday, it’s essential to verify the specific store hours. Each location may have unique Sunday timings. The best way to confirm is through the official Hardee’s website or by calling the restaurant directly. Curious about opening and closing schedules? These details are just a click or call away.

Special holidays could affect routine hours. On days like Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, Hardee’s may operate on a modified schedule. Don’t guess the hours; always check ahead to enjoy your favorite meals without disappointment. Keep an eye on announcements, as they’ll update any changes in operation times due to holidays.

Breakfast Bonanza

Hardee’s Sunday hours bring a treat for morning risers. Enjoying a Sunday breakfast out? The Breakfast Bonanza at Hardee’s wraps up by late morning. Plan to grab your favorites before the morning menu closes. Remember, the breakfast items won’t be available after the cut-off time.

Most Popular Morning Picks:

  • Made from Scratch Biscuits — a warm delight.
  • Thickburgers — packed with flavor, always a hit.
  • Griddle-cooked eggs — perfect for your plate.
  • Hash Rounds — crispy and golden, can’t miss these.
  • Sweet Sausage — a mouth-watering must-have.

Check your local Hardee’s for exact Sunday breakfast hours. Enjoy these tasty eats before the mid-morning shift. You won’t want to miss out on the breakfast fun!

Hardees Sunday Hours: Savor Your Lazy Sunday Feast!

Lunch To Dinner Transition

Sunday heralds unique offerings at Hardee’s, with a shift in the menu that transitions from lunch to dinner delicacies. The Menu Shift Timings are particularly noteworthy, as patrons can enjoy an extensive range of items tailored for the latter part of the day.

Starting at 4 PM, customers can indulge in Sunday Special Deals that combine the best of both worlds: savory lunch options that seamlessly give way to heartier dinner meals. These deals cater to families and individuals alike, promising a satisfying end to the weekend.

Remember, the special deals are exclusive to Sundays and designed to provide a delectable dining experience. Be sure to arrive during the scheduled hours to enjoy the unique flavors and discounts Hardee’s has in store.

The Sunday Crowd

On Sundays, Hardee’s restaurants often experience a larger number of guests. This can lead to longer wait times, especially during peak hours. To enjoy a quicker service, consider visiting in the early morning or late afternoon.

The table below shows the best times to visit Hardee’s on Sundays to avoid the crowd.

Time Period Expected Wait Time
Early Morning (8-10 AM) Short
Late Morning (10 AM-12 PM) Long
Early Afternoon (12-2 PM) Longest
Late Afternoon (2-5 PM) Short
Hardees Sunday Hours: Savor Your Lazy Sunday Feast!

Closing Time Considerations

Hardee’s Sunday hours differ for drive-thru and dine-in services. Customers should note the specific times. Knowing the closing time is crucial to avoid missing out.

For the last order, dine-in guests must plan ahead. The kitchen may stop taking orders before the actual closing time. This varies by location. It is best to call ahead or check online for accurate times.

Drive-thru services might extend beyond the dine-in hours. Guests seeking late-night snacks can often rely on the drive-thru. To ensure service, arrive at least 30 minutes before the stated closing hour.

Frequently Asked Questions On Hardees Sunday Hours

What Are Hardee’s Sunday Operating Hours?

Hardee’s typically opens later and closes earlier on Sundays compared to weekdays. Most locations operate from 7 AM to 10 PM on Sundays. However, hours may vary by location.

Is Hardee’s Open For Breakfast On Sundays?

Yes, Hardee’s serves breakfast on Sundays. They generally start serving breakfast when they open at 7 AM and switch to their lunch/dinner menu at 10:30 AM.

Can I Order Hardee’s Delivery On Sunday?

Yes, you can order Hardee’s delivery on Sundays through various food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, or directly from their website, depending on your location.

Are Hardee’s Sunday Hours Different On Holidays?

Hardee’s Sunday hours can differ on holidays. It’s best to check the local restaurant’s hours or contact them directly for holiday schedules.


Knowing Hardee’s Sunday hours can make your weekend plans smoother. To recap, Sunday schedules vary by location and should be verified on their website or by calling ahead. Remember, indulging in a hearty Hardee’s meal is just a quick check away.

Have a great Sunday and enjoy your meal!


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